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Originally posted by Twilightseer
But if a fourth album had to surface, I'd like to be a return to the first album; rather than the rock stuff of Twisted Tenderness.
I think everyone would hope for the same.

A side-note (but very relevant), any NO fans should check out "Submission" by G.D. Luxxe, 1999. My wife thought it was NO, only it's better than anything they've done since "Republic".

One of many quotes (of praise) from one of many sites:

"Having re-written the rulebook several times, with his work with labels like Cheap & Angelika Kohlermann, Gehard Potuznik finally produced his best work with Submission. Like the best album New Order never wrote, Submission is packed with some of the finest electro-pop available, and within minutes will have you bouncing around your room, singing into hairbrushes and dreaming of global pop-stardom." (John-P)

There you have it, a seriously good neworderish album.

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