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Originally posted by abu
Where have all the nice methods of GayString gone, in gen_ml\gaystring.cpp, like GayString::Replace() etc.? They are quite handy!
We stopped using this class internally, so a lot of functions were removed to reduce code size. We can put an old version back in the SDK

And one more: I would love to have an API to enumerate all ML playlists. Possible already?
note sure if it's in the current SDK or not, but here's the API:


#define ML_IPC_PLAYLIST_INFO 0x183 // pass in the struct below. returns "1" on success and "0" on failure

typedef struct
// you fill this in
size_t size; // size of this struct
size_t playlistNum; // number of the playlist you want to retrieve (0 index)
// ml_playlists fills these in
wchar_t playlistName[128];
wchar_t filename[MAX_PATH];
int numItems;
int length; // in seconds
} mlPlaylistInfo;

pass to gen_ml's HWND ...
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