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Thanks Benski, that should help out with a few things. Can we use this function to allocate timer ids too? Otherwise an API for that would be good, or just picking random numbers as usual :P No biggy.

My main gripe is with the ATF functionality. Its great that the new IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED does a bit of work, but it doesn't seem to do much.

For example, it doesn't handle %rating% or %playcount% etc. Would it be possible to have something like a IPC_FORMAT_TITLE_EXTENDED_2 which tells winamp that the *p in waFormatTitleExtended is pointing to an itemRecordW, and therefore use that to do the tag processing? Or maybe returning -2 from *TAGFUNC tells winamp the same thing.

Or better still, instead of just querying the input plugins for %tags%, it actually does the full ATF processing? (I assume involving an ML lookup etc) This way any plugins that do ATF processing will automatically be future proofed against new %tags% supported in winamp, and not require much (re)implementation on behalf of plugins. This would be the preferred option I think.
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