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Originally posted by drewbar
So why the reluctance? Cost. And minimal benefit. Sure, it looks better, but it isn't like everyone has a HDTV. DVD din't take off for the video quality, it took off because of the size and not having to rewind d bonus features. Really, about the only thing Blu-Ray offers is a higher quality. A $300 player and more expensive disc and the economy is in the shitter! Is anyone at all surprised?

It would be the same thing if HD-DVD won. Make the players $100. No more then double an el-cheapo DVD player then maybe it has a chance.

But Blu-Ray is a stop gap as it is. It may be several years off until it is refined but digital downloads of movies will kill at the very least the rental business.
Not to mention the horrendous load times with these initial standalone players. The PS3 actually looks like its the best Blu-ray player currently on the market for its price point.
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