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Originally posted by Simfee
Philips BDP7200/37 Blu-ray Disc Player: price is $400, you can update the firmware, no WIFI support, but the rendering quality is better than PS3.
Soon, PS3 will die, because of next-gen Blu-Ray players.
regarding the Philips BDP7200/37:
While the unit powered up in less than 20 seconds (reasonably good for a Blu-ray player), it took an additional, mind-numbing 44 seconds to start playing a disc. The total startup time, 64 seconds, was the second worst in the group.Once running, the player responded sluggishly to such remote control commands as popping up the menu and skipping chapters.
subpar image quality on Blu-ray Discs in standard 1080p mode; lacks Profile 2.0 support; no Ethernet jack for firmware upgrades.
Which means the only method of firmware upgrade is by downloading from the Philips website and burning to a CD. I'm pretty sure the PS3 will be updated more frequently than any of the current standalone Blu-ray players.
the obsessive audiophiles / videophiles at the Criterion Collection use Sony's PlayStation 3 as its reference Blu-ray player.
Like others have said, with the current pricing of Blu-ray players and HDTVs still yet to be adopted by the majority of consumers, there isn't much of a compelling reason for most people to take the dive right now.
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