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Re: Nullsoft Playlist Generator crashes while analyzing files

Originally posted by whatthefunk
I would love to use the Nullsoft / Gracenote playlist generator but it crashes during the initial Scan. The Scan works for a couple of hours before I get the "Winamp has encountered a problem and needs to close" error durring the "Analyzing files" step. I've tried several times.
You know, I've had that same issue before for years. I've posted detailed bug reports multiple times. I never get a response, or I get a statement that I have to find the specific file causing the problem.

Well, I can say for a fact it is not any file. Nullsoft can't reproduce the issue because they are looking in the wrong place.

I found that when I analyzed my library in chunks, every single file could be analyzed just fine. I did it several ways: adding only part of my MP3 collection to the library and then analyzing the whole library (repeated until all files were done), and just importing the whole collection into the library, and then analyzing the library in chunks.

Try starting the analysis process again, let it run until it gets maybe one third or half-way through, then click Pause. Close winamp. Load winamp and start the analysis again. It will probably analyze to completion.

Everytime Winamp crashed on me with the Gracenote plugin, I found that the bug was actually not in the plugin, but in the Nullsoft Database Engine library.

I personally feel at this point that it's a resource exhaustion issue. Nullsoft's database code isn't scaling to what they are doing and people's collections. Experiences differ because people have different amounts of memory free depending on their system main memory size, OS version, applications running, etc. Though actually, I suspect it's not so much memory as something more esoteric, like number of simultaneous files open, caching, number of handles pushed on a stack, whatever...

For me the work around was to just analyze my collection in chunks. Now I can add new files and analyze them just fine.
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