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Re: Conversion to WAVE format, useless ID3 in output

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
I can't reproduce this.
What method are you using?
Right-click playlist/ml item -> Send to -> Format Converter?
Yes, i've used this method to convert .flac to .wav format.

I just discovered the problem's cause. It's not in flac input or wave output module. It's in MPEG decoder module in_mp3. Some time i need to listen to 'old style' mp3 (mp3 stream with RIFF header, very 'old style' mp3 in wave. It has .wav extension). So i decided to add .WAV extension in MPEG decoder module preferences just like this:
All ID3 tag's options turned on (read+modify+create).
So maybe, after creation of waveform file by WAV output in_mp3 module writes tags from .flac file's data .
This feature is not useful for riff wave format.

After deletion of .WAV extension in MPEG decoder module preferences FLAC 2 WAV conversion goes fine , but i can't listen to my old (MP3 in .WAV) albums .

[Edit --> DJ Egg]
Yes, please use in_wave for WAV.
You can use the Waveform Wrapper for listening to riff-wav with embedded mp3.