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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
That could be the problem. Maiko gets info on the number of speakers from what is set for the OS via the Windows sound preferences. You have 'told' Maiko to connect to speakers that do not exist. In exclusive mode, Maiko bypasses the Windows mixer and connects directly to the speakers via the sound card/chip driver (or something like that). In shared mode, Maiko uses the Windows mixer to access the speakers.

Try changing the Windows sound speaker options to 5.1, it may not be enough to select 7.1 and disable the side speakers. Why would you want to do that anyway, since you do not have a 7.1 system?
Unfortunately the 5.1 option assumes that I have side speakers, not rears, so it doesn't work for my setup. I had to choose 7.1 as it was the only one that included rear speakers.
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