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Hi big_blue,

Glad you found work-arounds that work for you. WA + Maiko + Enhancer really does sound great.

Microsoft and Realtek do have their issues and your setup is certainly not acting normally. I use a 6 channel (5.1) sound card and my MSI mobo's 8 channel (7.1) sound chip (Realtek ALC889/ ALC888S/ ALC885 according to the documentation). Both are active, with the sound card selected as the default device connected to my 5.1 speakers. I have a 5.1 headset connected to the mobo sound chip's rear connectors.

I sometimes use a DJ app (VirtualDJ) that lets me use both sound devices at the same time. This lets me play songs thru the speakers and preview and clue up songs with the headset. Anyway on my system, the Windows sound control panels show all 8 channels with the side channels greyed out, since I selected the 5.1 speakers option.

I assume you've checked the Windows Device Manager for indications of any problems and you have all the OS updates related to the sound subsystem and the latest driver for your Realtek chip. If your chip is anything like mine, it can be setup to operate in many various ways. I suggest you check your configuration settings and contact your mobo's vendor for help getting your rear speakers to work thru the proper connector.

As to the Maiko Mixer tab, The first 2 columns correspond to the left and right input channels coming from your stereo source file. The top six rows should correspond to the 6 output channels in a 5.1 system. The L_F row should let you control what's send to the subwoofer, but that's not working yet (the plug-in controls what is sent to the sub). I did not know that the bottom 2 rows let you control what is sent to side speaker channels (that's good to know, glad you discovered that).

The values you enter control the amplitude of what's coming from the left and/or right input that is send to the corresponding output. A 1.0 sends the full input, 0.7071 sends half of the full input, and 0 sends nothing. Since the balance controls are not working yet, you can compensate by using different values for the left and right instead of the same values. For instance, if the right side sounds a little weak, you can slightly increase the values for the right side or slightly decrease the values for the left.

Negative values invert the input. Mixing a inverted signal with the same non-inverted signal cancels the signal out. Most stereo music has the same signals in both channels and different signals. When you mix positive left input and negative right input, the same signals in both the left and right inputs are cancelled out depending on the relative amplitudes. So, setting 1 for the left input and -1 for the right input , you get all that is different in the left and right and cancel out what is the same in both input channels going to the corresponding output.

This lets you remix any way you want and end up with a totally different sound from the original recordings. Overdue stuff and you can mess up the sound.

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