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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
The values you enter control the amplitude of what's coming from the left and/or right input that is send to the corresponding output. A 1.0 sends the full input, 0.7071 sends half of the full input, and 0 sends nothing. Since the balance controls are not working yet, you can compensate by using different values for the left and right instead of the same values. For instance, if the right side sounds a little weak, you can slightly increase the values for the right side or slightly decrease the values for the left.

Negative values invert the input. Mixing a inverted signal with the same non-inverted signal cancels the signal out. Most stereo music has the same signals in both channels and different signals. When you mix positive left input and negative right input, the same signals in both the left and right inputs are cancelled out depending on the relative amplitudes. So, setting 1 for the left input and -1 for the right input , you get all that is different in the left and right and cancel out what is the same in both input channels going to the corresponding output.

This lets you remix any way you want and end up with a totally different sound from the original recordings. Overdue stuff and you can mess up the sound.
That's extremely cool. I was just playing around with it and decided I liked the sound of mixing signals with the rear speakers but leaving the front speakers as they are. It's awesome. Since I have a center speaker, would you recommend mixing signals for the front L&R speakers as well as the rears? Or do I lose the full effect? Thanks for all the great information, Maiko is just making my music sound better and better.
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