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Originally Posted by big_blue View Post
Nvm, fixed it by checking "give exclusive mode applications priority". Guess that makes sense.
You should not need to select that option for things to work.

I know you just want to enjoy your music, but work-arounds should only be temporary 'fixes' until you can get things to work normally.

Maybe you are having the problem of random incomplete Winamp shutdowns and having weird stuff happen when you restart Winamp. What happens is that all the Winamp windows close, but the main process continues to run. This could explain a 'device in use' message.

I had this incomplete shutdown problem and finally traced it to an old 3rd party DSP plug-in I had been using for years (before Vista and Windows 7). Other users who had and solved this problem, also traced it to one or more plug-ins they had (sometimes one or more of the official Winamp portables plug-ins were the culprit, I only use the generic "pmp_usb.dll").

Right-click the Windows taskbar and run the Task Manager. Look for more than 1 instance of Winamp.exe running when 1 instance should be running or an instance(s) still running after Winamp has been shutdown. If you see this, you have to use Task Manager to close the instance(s) that should not be running or reboot the computer. Remember, if this is happening, it is random so it may take awhile (multiple shutdowns and restarts) to show up.

Your rear/side speaker connector issue could be simple miss-wiring of options on the mobo. If it's a faulty board (still under warranty), you should have it replaced before other issues show up.

Good Luck.

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