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Hi SilverBird775,

You really deserve to be paid for your work.

I was up almost all night listening to my 'new' music with the test build. The delay control and ability to balance inputs is awesome. I'm tempted to say balancing the inputs is all that is needed, but from all the controls on the balance tab I see you intend to go further. Once you get it finished, a tutorial on how to properly use it will be needed.

As to the delay for a more precise re-sampler, it is very long but if I have a vote, I say keep the option in-place. I have a few tracks sampled at less than 44.1 KHz and it seems to help them sound better. I was thrown off a bit, when you said the delay happens when format/bitrates change. It's really format/sample rate changes (as noted in Maiko itself).

Originally Posted by SilverBird775 View Post
For a 5.1 it does not matter side or rear speakers you have. They just creating the ambient image and there is two of them. The only definitive thing about them is that they are stereo aligned and located somewhere back and aside. So it does not matter which connector hardwired for a 5.1 mode, rear or side one. Whatever works.
The thing is, the matrix control grid is not currently marked for side speakers. See post #362.

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To create effects by shifting channel delays, for any situation you want them to be shifted. For monotone boring records with a strong channel dependency (crosstalking) a little delay shift trick may enhance the aural expirience.
Thanx for that tip.

I have a few monotone tracks, that use the center channel for input, that I have not been able to play with Maiko. The current matrix control grid does not have a column for center channel input. It seems Maiko currently only picks up input from the left and/or right front input channels.

It's no big deal, I'm usually able to replace these tracks (from occasional careless downloading) with stereo recordings or mono-to-stereo re-recordings.

Originally Posted by SilverBird775 View Post
There is a lot of assembler handcoded situations no compiler will be able to generate on it's own. The positives show up along with extensive use of assembler in the code i suppose.

Providing a checksum is fair. For a zip files, is it sufficient?
That would be great. Yes, the reasons for flagging may include that, and some legitimate processes are flagged because the bad guys use them for harmful purposes. False positives are a nuisance to deal with, but I rather deal with them than have something really bad attack my system. I can 'instruct' my security apps to ignore them for files I know are safe.

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