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Hi big_blue,

Don't Give Up !!!

We're trying to help you, but you are being selective in the info you are providing. Posting problems, but not fully answering questions nor giving feedback to some suggestions. This is probably unintentional in your rush and desire to get things working.

First, your hardware is not working right and we should back up and try to resolve that, then move forward. Your back channels are not recognized by Windows and therefore not by Maiko. If you are stuck with your current work-a-round, then other non-normal things will need to be done moving forward.

What is the exact name and model number of your mobo? What is the exact name and model number of your speaker system? This information will allow for other necessary hardware info to be looked up. If you don't know the name and model of your mobo and your computer is a standard commercial product, what is it's exact name and model number?

The user from post #376 believes you have a configuration problem.

Be it driver, configuration, and/or board, you and we need to know where that problem is.

Some of the conclusions you are jumping to are not right and may cause damage to your system, if you continue to act on them. There is no shame in asking questions about what you are not sure of. There is no need to guess. The only dumb questions are the ones not asked that you don't know the correct answers to.

Use the link below to download the "One for Nunz" plug-in. Install it, run the report of your WA configuration, and post it. Copy and paste it in the post, if you are not able to attach it in a zip file. Be sure to get the plug-in and not the standalone version of "One for Nunz".

We're here for you. You just need to be patient and work with us.

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