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Hi SilverBird775,

So far version 0.53.test.02 is working without any adverse effects on previously established features. So I guess whatever was done 'under the hood' is working.

I did have to delete the Maiko*.bin files and the entries in Winamp.ini and let them be redone.
Until I did this, my input balance changes would not persist when the next track in the playlist started. One or the other of the input balance controls would revert to it's nominal level.

There were 2 other options in Winamp.ini besides the selected speaker device before I deleted them. Now there is only 1 additional option (for the HD resampler). Sorry I do not remember exactly what the other option said, it was something about latency. I had switched the "Genuine latency formula" option off and back on, so maybe it was related to that.

Do you recommend deleting the Maiko*.bin files and the entries in Winamp.ini when changing versions? This was not needed before, but I guess it would not hurt anything.

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