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Originally Posted by big_blue
Also, I don't have 7.1 selected in my config, I'm using the 5.1 config with side speakers selected. I know you say it is not normal to not be able to select rear speakers, but it works fine as it is.
Originally Posted by Maiko logs
Output stream:
32 bit float PCM encoding in 7.1 (Surround) setup. 48000Hz rate
Yes you have the most classic 7.1 speaker layout (7.1 surround) selected whatever misinformation the driver panels are saying. That is why i'm asking to quote the log file first. For a 7.1 configurations the plugin is unable to fill the side channels automatically at the moment but you may do it with non-automated matrix.
Going full offtopic i will not recommend to mess with 7.1 because the most media sources and disks are either 5.1 or 2.0. I'm full aware there is an matrixing automation bug for a side channels in Maiko (7.1 sides\backs), but aside of this bitter fact to emulate 7.1 on 5.1 system is rather... nonoptimal.


Originally Posted by Aminifu
There were 2 other options in Winamp.ini besides the selected speaker device before I deleted them. Now there is only 1 additional option (for the HD resampler). Sorry I do not remember exactly what the other option said, it was something about latency. I had switched the "Genuine latency formula" option off and back on, so maybe it was related to that.
Deleting any option/file is safe, it will just read the safe internal default if not found. When the option change it will recreate the option or file.
Originally Posted by Aminifu
Do you recommend deleting the Maiko*.bin files and the entries in Winamp.ini when changing versions?
No, it's pointless.
Originally Posted by Aminifu
This was not needed before, but I guess it would not hurt anything.
Yes, it would not hurt. Any time.
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