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Ah, I see how that can be confusing. Though I stated that I fixed the problem, I neglected to post my status log. After I reconfigured it to be 5.1 with side speakers, the status log correctly displayed that it is outputting 5.1. There's no problem there. The only issue now is that Shared mode doesn't work. It plays the song for less than a second and stops it.

Also, out of curiosity, does unchecking "Slave to input channels when enabled" (running through Windows' mixer) degrade quality?

Edit: Just set up the delay using Samples as units, sounds great. Is it advisable to alter the delay from its actual values? Like to achieve a cooler sound or something? Not something I'm necessarily try to do but I was just wondering if it's something people do.

Edit 2: Now I'm discovering popping/slight static coming from my rear speakers when using delay. Messing around with the delays/levels for them doesn't help.
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