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Hi big_blue,

Yes its frustrating. But like I said I love this stuff and Maiko is still in development so there are bugs to be fixed. It was not your intention, but we are helping find and get the bugs fixed. Your use of the 7.1 setting in Windows reminded SilverBird775 that there are issues with Maiko's handling of 7.1 systems.

Anyway, humor me and disable your MAD plug-in and re-enable the Nullsoft input plug-in for mp3s if you still have it. That may stop the noise in your side channel.

I'm also thinking that if you delete the Maiko .bin files and let them be recreated your mixer panel will change to a 'normal' 5.1 panel with the top 6 rows active. But then you would lose your side channels, since that 'normal' panel view does not support them. So do not do that yet, I would like to hear what SilverBird775 has to say about this.

Thank you for coming back and letting yourself get dragged into this debugging. If you rather check out at this point, I understand.

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