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I have a bad and a good news. Which one would you like to hear first? The bad one? O.K.
I am afraid we have to get rid of the balance knob on the Frequency Response Graph because the transformation of the horizontal balance slider into a knob seems not possible. The clicks on the knob and/or the click+dragging must be transferred onto the balance slider in order to hear either the left or the right speaker. But setting the value does not work here. I can set the position of the thumb (for example to the left) but after hitting play both speakers would play. Too bad, I really liked the knob.

So in case someone know a skin with working balance knob please share it.

And the good news is: both knobs: treble and bass work like a charm. The script file still need some cleaning and understanding (!) though - I implemented those parts from MMD3 and desperately need some time to go through those lines.

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