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This is an update regarding the post number 259 about the problems with the balance knob.

Well I got it done and would like to share with you what was the problem. The balance slider has a range going from -127 through 0 to +127, which is pretty common for Winamp. So normally I would use those values for moving the slider's thumb on the track. For example:

PHP Code:
would place the thumb in the middle of the track. But the odd thing about the balance slider is the fact that this range do not work for that particular slider. We have to use 0-255 in order to move the thumb. So the line above would look like this:

PHP Code:
And using this pattern I have managed to get the balance slider thumb moving while clicking on the balance knob.

BUT! While struggling with that balance feature I noticed how buggy it is. A short scenario to show one problem:

1) start Winamp
2) hit PLAY
3) move the balance thumb all the way to the left (left speaker should be playing alone).
4) now hit STOP and PLAY again
5) the thumb is still in the left corner while BOTH (!) loudspeakers play.


Further more I would like to say, that adding the balance knob means, that the balance slider is going to vanish from the Equalizer leaving an empty spot. And I have been thinking if it was a good idea to move the EQ, AUTO and PRESETS buttons to the blue area and leave the Equalizer bands "alone", which would have the advantage that the values on the display would have more space horizontally.

What do you think?

P.S Thanks to Dr.O for clarifying words about the balance slider range.
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