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Originally Posted by totalstar View Post
I don't take issue with paying for a service NJK, had I been contacted and offered the option to continue using it under a paid option with better service I would consider it.

Instead they have simply stopped the streams from working without notice and blank anyone who contacts them.
If you want to encourage support from your clients an element of customer service would make sense.
I have been forced to find alternative streaming because shoutcast doesn't work


Emails were sent out informing all broadcasters of the changes, before and after the event.

Maybe you didn't receive the emails though.....

Unfortunately, too many broadcasters weren't triggering ads which meant we were running at a loss, and an executive decision was made by tptb to end the free service.

We haven't blanked anyone btw, though we've understandably received a high volume of emails as a result, and it may take us a while longer to reply to all of them.

Note that there's a new RMO for migrated stations, with a different url.

The info in the old RMO is only for SCSS stations which haven't yet been migrated, and also for DNAS stations (which are unaffected by these changes).

The new platform will be much more robust and reliable, all being well, and also includes additional features such as AutoDJ / Planner, where you can upload MP3s and create playlists.
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