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EMPR V0.0.0.9 - Updates and Fixes

This time around I added support for user variables on the right side of the randomly generated equations. I opted to not parse the "provided" code. User variables should be entered into thier respective fields separated by commas.

I also fixed the "per_pixel_7=per_pixel_7=" error mentioned by Rozzor.

I've been noticing some presets cause MilkDrop to error out (3 out of 1000 in one batch), but have yet been able to determine a concrete cause. It's probably due to something be out of bounds or a math error (like dividing by zero or something).

I do VJ shows on Thursdays (for FREE at in Raleigh NC in case anybody is wondering), but other than that am planning to update EMPR.Exe daily until there are no real issues. I don't mind coding this all myself, but also welcome other coders to jump into it and whip up some functionality. I'll probably finish adding support for all variable ranges next (wave colors and such).

My VJ show would probably suck if it were not for MilkDrop and all the Preset creators that kick my retina's proverbial buttocks.

Showin' The Love,

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