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V0.0.0.12 - Fixes and Enhancements

- Added WaveType into the "Specify Variable Values" form
- Added code to ensure that every equation ends in ";"
- Added an option to clear all *.MILK files from the output directory
- Fixed a bug where per_pixel was getting replaced by per_frame

That last bug was causing a good bit of the errant behaviour that Zylot had noticed.

I don't think the x and y thing that he referred to is actually a problem, though. The right side of the per_pixel equations should be using x, y, rot, and ang according to the maxim in the preset authoring HTML file. The right side of the equations should not, though. Hmmm, I may need to look at that again.

Anyhow, heeeeeere's Johnny,
or is it "Who's Johnny?" she said, and smiled in her special way.

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