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Hi Fumbling_Foo

Thank you.
The beat detection which works on the neon tubes is the same as the one you are using in your preset, just put into scene differently.
The moving shapes in the middle are controlled by the spectrum from the waves.

I like to use two different schemes per preset: The rhythmic beat detection won't synchronise on every music; if it doesn't, that can be quite annnoying. But for that case, there is still the simple dancing shapes the eye can focus on. It is my own experience that the view concentrates on the parts of the scene that somehow follow the rhythm, so it's generally a good idea to offer alternatives.

On the perspective change: This is deliberate, to bring on a change, but I agree it does not fit every music. It should not come on often, and it is not randomly controlled but depends on the quality of beat detection - it is triggered when the algorithm thinks that it is well on beat, but even then only for a few seconds. The algorithm cannot however "sense" the music style, in fact it is rather simple, and matched to the music I usually listen to. I generally prefer fast paced rhythms, and that is where I feel this occasional switch of view can be quite ecstatic. This preset was mainly done while listening to:
and that:

BTW do you know of any other good psytrance or similar ? I mean not the uninspired and repetitive stuff you mostly find on youtube.
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