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Originally Posted by Stone Free View Post
I've just tried v1.7.0, and for some reason it will not play more than one track. When it gets to the end of the track and track title changes, the progress bar goes back to 0:00, but the music no longer starts.
Whether it starts playing depends also from the buffer sizes (no effect in exclusive/push). For experimenting start with
  • device buffer: default
  • ring buffer size: 2.0 x device buffer
  • start playing: 1.0 x device buffer
If it does not play increase step by step ring buffer size.

If it does not help send in a trace:
  • download and install a debug version
  • configure the debug version the same way as the non-debug version
  • set the debug level to "default" (a console window should appear)
  • start playing
  • copy&paste the debug trace from the console window in between php-tags into this forum
Originally Posted by Stone Free View Post
I went back to try and confirm whether Pull or Push affected the ability to get Exclusive Mode, and I noticed that afterwards it is just the Pull Strategy that results in the next track not being played (during shared mode).

Whilst I was fiddling with these settings, I'm sure I did briefly get Exclusive and Push working, however now I can't recreate it
cf. above
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