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Originally Posted by pbelkner View Post
Please submit a complete description of your set-up, including at least
  • URL of the stream,
  • the input plug-in used to decode the stream.
As you probably know each track/stream first has to be decoded by an input plug-in. The input plug-in then sends the decoded raw PCM data to the output plugin-in. I can hardly imagine how YASAPI is going to write the raw PCM data to disc rather then rendering them using WASAPI. At least I need the above information in order I have a chance to reproduce that strange behavior.


From YASAPI you should get the well known YASAPI messages with the option to exit Winamap. I don't know who presents the message you quote but I'm pretty sure it is not YASAPI.
I understand what you mean, perfectly. It's really strange, especially I've never got this with the earlier versions (e.g. 1.6.14).
Logs are attached (nothing changed in the setup, only the new version of Yasapi):
- 01-good-1.6.14
- 02-bad-1.7.1

The used http stream is in the zip file (I got this error with all the streams that I'm using).
You can see my winamp version in my signature and the used input plugin in both cases the builtin in_mp3.dll (it's not changed):
- Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder v4.92

So, somehow the new version is incompatible with this input plugin.
(I haven't tested the new functionality of v1.7.1 yet, since I'm back to 1.6.14.)
Thanks, Peter!
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