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Thanks a lot for all of your support. I still had to struggle with two issuse:
  • The plug-in was still crashing. Not very frequent but as it appears unpredictable.
  • The plug-in had still synchronization issues.
Both where very annoying and I wanted get rid of them. While working on the second issue I discovered the first issue could be forced by doing the following (and it does not depend on MP3 VBR or CBR nor on in_mp3 at all):
  • Pause.
  • While in pause skip (forwad or backward doesn't matter).
  • Unpause.
  • Winamp wants to send a mail home.
From the debug window I could see that in that situation the plug-in is in underflow state (4) and not in ready/connected state (5) as usual. Having seen that I could (hopefully) finally fix it.

Regarding the second issue I implemented measuring the time completely new. As a consequence choosing how to measure the time is moved from device options to common options and is switched on all the time (i.e. does not depend on whether gapless mode is switched on or off).

After all chros was right (rgarding both issues):
Originally Posted by chros View Post
maybe it was introduced with the disconnect feature?
Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
How is your XAudio2 output plug-in coming along?
First of all I want to get rid of the annoying YASAPI bugs. As you may have seen from the YASAPI main page I factored out a framework from YASAPI where I can base similar plug-ins on and I hope that I cane base the XAudio2 stuff on that.

PS: While writing this post Sourceforge has not managed to make the new uploaded version visible to all.

Winamp v5.666 Build 3516 (x86) + in_ffsox + out_yasapi + gen_yas
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