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Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
you've posted the same thing over many different threads for the past 3 years, give it up. Winamp won't be open sourced, and even if it was, that doesn't guarantee any more development.
Winamp hasn't had a new release in over four years. No offence, but keeping it closed source isn't exactly getting anything done.

Open source would allow folks like myself to contribute to it, and actually get things done. We could have had a new release by now!

But by all means, keep defending what is the most absolutely glacial release schedule I've ever seen.

(And spare me the "it's only one guy working on it" tripe - this is *exactly* why keeping the code proprietary at this point isn't helping anyone.)

I would personally contribute to a collection, if it meant that someone could buy the IP and put it in the hands of capable people, so that development could resume and we might see a new version before I die.
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