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Just got my DiNovo board and and noticed this major lack of functionality. It seems to my that if someone should be able to implement more advanced functionality (such as playlist selection) you have to create a plug-in that communicates with the WIDCOMM BlueTooth lib and using the HID (Human Input Device) BT profile and you need to sniff the commands sent to the display. For this I think you need the WIDCOMM SDK ($1700), so I guess this excludes a lot of the winamp developer community if not someone manage to access the WIDCOMM BT-stack without the SDK. I also guess that there are several license restrictions between Logitech and WIDCOMM that will make it hard for Logitech to publish any APIs. This means that we have to wait for Logitech to do all the work.
But it would be nice to here from someone with experience in this area, in the end it is always possible somehow.

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