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1. Grab the zip in my second post, and extract it somewhere
2. Pick the appropriate folder for the visual studio version you are using
3. move the NSISCTask folder into the folder for your visual studio solution
4. add the project for that folder as a project in your solution inside visual studio
5. edit template/template.vbproj with a text editor
6. set the <Compile Include="..." /> line to have the name of your .nsi file
7. if you have any .nsh files, add them as <Header> entries, otherwiser remove that whole ItemGroup
8. set NSISEngine to point to your makensis.exe (either in C:\Program Files\.... or C:\Program Files (x86)\...)
9. add template.vbproj as a project in your solution

you should now be able to build a .nsi from within visual studio by right clicking on this project and selecting build, or if you use some kind of continuous integration by invoking msbuild
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