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I forget what DrO said he was going to do, but I suggested that the future tagging in winamp work like EAC, where you can pick what plugin/service you want to use. EAC uses freedb, Cuetools DB, and allows one to pay to use GD3 and it could use others as long as the plugin for it uses the EAC API and has access to the service.

that way, a user has multiple choices and if one is revoked, like gracenote was, its not dead in the water, like it is now.

I believe the next ver will use the musicbrainz DB, and so I hope lots of options are given to the user, b/c imo that DB spams all kind of things into the tags.

EDIT: I should clarify that while I will miss gracenote, I have np leaving it behind b/c it was costly and forced exclusion, and I also like musicbrainz, but I just want options as to what tags to allow MB to insert.

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