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New Vista Audio Output

WASAPI is a new audio output method introduced in Windows Vista; among other things, it provides an exclusive mode that allows applications to take full control over soundcard's resources (muting any sounds played by other applications) and play unaltered bitstream without passing it through the Windows mixer.

Differences between WASAPI and ASIO / Kernel Streaming:
Requires Windows Vista - not available on Windows XP or older.
Works with more soundcards - contrary to e.g. ASIO, it doesn't require any special support from soundcard's manufacturer, other than providing a Windows Vista compatible driver.
Guarantees muting of any other sounds played through the soundcard - with ASIO and KS, muting occurred with some soundcards but not with all of them; it was a side effect rather than a feature.

This plugin is still very experimental, and REQUIRES you to configure it in order to make sure you have selected the correct output method (what it sees as the default, isnt always the default).

Download Out_MMdev here simply extract it and drop it into your winamp plugins folder.
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