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Catch the same 'unsupported audio format for device' message too.

It seems this plugin using exclusive control over sound device, good thing to get the bit perfect copy indeed.

If so, go to the Vista's speaker taskbar icon, select Playback device, then "Speaker Properties", "Advanced" tab and make sure the following checkboxes are set:
[X]Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device
<my notes: it's the XP-like behaviour when you really blocking all the compete applications>
[X]Give exclusive mode applications priority
<my notes: This checkbox gives some priority boost for the treads taking the control over the sound device exlusively>

Also it is not guranteed for this 32 bit plugin to work with 64 bit Vista editions. You may need 64 bit Winamp version to make the things to work or some luck may be. Microsoft adressed the issue to Vista SP1 but i cant confirm this nor deny.
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