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ok, several problems fixed, and pause has been implemented.

fixed what i think was the problem with the config. and also found what was causing the unsupported audio format.

it is because you need to do something similar to what SilverBird775 said.

go to the Vista's speaker taskbar icon, select Playback device, then "Speaker Properties", "Advanced" tab and make sure the default format is set to 16bit (or 24bit if you have that switched on in winamp) and 44100mhz, not 48000mhz...

i am looking at a way around this (which most likly involves up-sampling the audio coming from winamp, which negates the entire point of wasapi which is supposed to recieve a bit perfect stream )

try the link in the first post again, the zip has been updated.

also. SilverBird775. this plugin does use shared mode. i wanted to get some feedback and testing done on this before i implemented anything else.
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