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Gapless playback

I'm using the Out_MMdev plugin (64 bit Vista with 32 bit Winamp) and it's working almost perfectly. Thanks to Bizzeh for the hard work in making WASAPI playback a reality. The only issue I'm having is with gapless playback. For example, when playing back Dark Side of the Moon, at the end of a track it seems the last second gets cut off. Following the premature truncation, there's a short time gap of silence, about a tenth of a second, and then the next track begins. If you have two tracks that should play seamlessly, it's quite noticeable. When I change the output plugin to DirectSound, gapless works fine.

The audio I'm playing back is WMA lossless. I haven't tried it with other formats.

Has anybody else experienced this problem with the gap between tracks?
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