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You did a great job on DL, i think it's become one of the major winamp plugins.
I also still use DL almost every day.

My version now sais V2.0 beta 32.3 and it does the job terrific for some time now. But i stick to winamp 5.13 for that reason.
I think upgrade winamp does not cause too many bugs with this DL version but as i remember some were related to the playlistcontext menu's. [edit]Find on disk does something wrong, find in DL makes crash winamp)[/edit]
Probably i'll have to upgreat winamp eventualy sometime, and hopefully by then you found back time and inspiration to finish new DL too (or kill those bugs ).

Is there any usable beta stuff you can share for those who want to try?

Good luck and succes in real life

*sigh (still) under construction*
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