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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the documentation for that feature is lacking since i didn't know wtf was going on with it when i attempted to sort out the docs as it was one of the few bits that had some existing documentation but it needs to be overhauled and better clarified.

at it's most basic when used on linux then it's just a shell script (text file stuff) which is called and passes back playlist entries as needed (though there are some bugs in the Transcoder's handling which is likely to make it not work correctly anyway). i'll try to sort out something over the next few days so you can at least try it out to see if it would even suit your needs or even if it is viable for you to use.

Sounds good, looking forward to it. All I need it to do is play 5 random songs then an ID. If that can be done, great. if not... that's ok too, it doesn't really bother me.
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