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Shadertoy has caused a non-responding of my Firefox, when I wanted to load the website, I had to use the Task Manager. At least I was able to load the website of Shadertoy in Google Chrome. I have Windows Vista (TM) Home Premium Service Pack 2 (64-Bit), DirectX 11, DirectX 9.0c ( Never heard before about Shadertoy. I can check it only in Chrome, not in Firefox.

I am one of the true Winamp- & Milkdrop Fans, an artist-colleague has just joined the Facebook-Page "Milkdrop Visualizer", and I am always finding other true fans or people, who will become true fans later. I have my photo-galleries in the internet and I am also in contact with many other video-artists. I have also mentioned the dance clubs & concert halls with video-projectors and very large screens so many times, and I have mentioned "Stereomix" in the recordings devices on computers and the URL "linein://" in Winamp in many threads. There is so much potential, and I want to see Winamp & Milkdrop also in the future.

In Germany and maybe also in other countries many people have to work overtime. They are at home only rarely, they have no time to relax and they earn so less money for their hard work, so that they cannot buy very much. But there are also people, who are very glad, if they are at home finally. They start their TV, PCs or notebooks, and the most of them want to relax, before they have to go to bed. There are also possibilities to enjoy Milkdrop in the bed with a notebook and a bed-table, with a TV in front of the bed or with a video-projector. I hope, that there are enough people, who have more place at home and who are not forced to live in too small apartments with only 1 room. But also in smaller apartments solutions can be found to enjoy the Milkdrop Visualizer.

Nitorami, You don't need to feel alone on this forum. I want to give You moral support as well as I can. You are such a good preset author, Your presets belong to the best presets ever. And I want to say again: Keep up Your good work!...

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