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Save ratings to MP3 ID tag?

This past year I have been losing my ratings very often. Something happened where I could not keep my old ratings from my old computer and build off from there. I could only have my old ratings or my new ratings. not both... so I have lost my ratings basically. Anyway. My question is:

Is there a way that I can save my ratings from winamp onto the file itself/ID tag (ex: In windows media player it would show also)? I don't like constantly losing my ratings when I move the files... any help?

also, about half my ratings mysteriously disappear from time to time... >.<

-note- I have looked this question up in the forums and the ones that I looked up said something like "yeah the files you need are in the attachment"... but there's no attachment... like in these: and ... that's why I reposted the question :/

-note2-I just read there was a forum upgrade and many attachments were lost... makes sense :/

link to my other question:

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