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drag function on Windows 7

I work with Windows 7 and have the same problem.
I tried the option with the compability mode. but winamp isn´t in the admin mode. i tried winamp 5.56 , winamp 3.00 and winamp 2.96 - all with different compabilite modes. with all versions i have different problems. with the newest version i cant drag the files or folders in the playlist. with winamp 3.00 its the same problem but the curser changes to the drag mode ... but the songs dont appear in the list. With winamp 2.96 i CAN drag the files into the list , but the playlist i had when installed this version is saved for all time. when i load different songs into the playlist they will not be saved. when starting winamp its always the same songs.

does anyone know what to do?
im fine with every version

thx for your help
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