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im sorry SLK

i remember, we had a stray cat we found..well, she had kittens after we had taken her in. well, i remember, we put the kitten in the porch, and a baby gate so they couldnt climb up the stairs and escape. well, the mother cat was down there with them, and she didnt like the gate. all the babies were climbing on it, and she leaped up and jumped over it. the problem was, when she jumped over it, she knocked it over, and it landed on the kittens. one of the kittens was unlucky, and was crushed, the others werent hurt. i still remember the poor kitten. it twitched about, and bled from its mouth. i remember freaking out, i was the only one down there when it happened. he died about 2min later. it was over 2 years ago, but it has to be the saddest thing i have ever seen.

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