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I'm with jaz on this one, sorry for the loss. I got choked up when I read it, reminded me of my cat who I had from kindergarten up to Middle School. My mom found him in the middle of the road, just a little kitten, and picked him up. I still remeber that day, being picked up by my Aunt and Mother, and as I opened the door, there he was just a little helpless thing staring at me, I instantly fell in love with that cat. I even got to name him, so I figured since we found him on a Friday, I'll name him Friday. He used to sleep at the foot of my bed, sometimes even coming up and laying next to my head every night. Damn I loved that cat. He lived a good long 13 years, one day he just stopped eating, and he couldn't move his back legs. So we took him to the vet and he said that Friday's kidneys were failing him and that the thing that would be best was to put him down. I couldn't stay in there, I sayed my last goodbyes to my cat, my best friend in a way, and then walked out. He's now buried in my backyard, near where my Toy Poodle Minnie is buried. I go out there every now and then just to sit there and remember. Damn..sorry, that just all came out, to tell the truth, made my eyes tear up too.
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