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In most cases only 3-rd version looks good. So the question - what features to add to the second build ?

1. Image auto-scale down if it is wider then page 'child dialog' (IMHO scale up may looks ugly). May be this is not important if NSIS dialog size is fixed (or how it works with fixed-size banners on the top of page?), but default dialog size in Windows depends on system font size.
2. /align=left or right.
3. Better auto-stop on page exit (+ IDABORT). Because I am not sure when Parent window receives WM_CLOSE, may be on the final exit only (plug-in paints on the 'child' dialog window inside parent one).
4. May be cross-page 'keep alive' instead of 'auto-stop' on the page change? If Parent window is the same during installation (and we attached plug-in to it's wndproc) it is possible to understand during wm_paint handling that old 'child' window was lost and to find new one. But I am not sure - INSTFILES looks the only good place for big banner.
4. And finally - what else?
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