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Image auto-scale down if it is wider then page 'child dialog' (IMHO scale up may looks ugly). May be this is not important if NSIS dialog size is fixed (or how it works with fixed-size banners on the top of page?), but default dialog size in Windows depends on system font size.
Scaling images up or down both seem reasonable. But I also agree that scaling up makes images look ugly, so I can accept your approach. (My opinion is that utimately, the developer should have to take some responsibility to ensure that his/her installation make them looks good.)

One thing that might be cool would be a "fade-in/fade-out" effect for Windows 2000/XP. And along those same lines, perhaps a way to specify the transparency of the entire image. (Thinking along the lines of the AdvSplash plugin). Unfortunately, I'm not much of a full-fledged programmer, so I'll leave it up to whether or not this something you want to tackle.

Overall, I think this plugin is still very good.
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