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I am a huge Winamp fan. Its just that I rip and update thru Windows Media pLayer as Winamp doesn't do that and WMA is a great format.

Okay, what happens is that Windows media player updates your music when your online. I was online for the first time of using my laptop(with my music just moved accross and some new ripped tracks as well). It updated my music as I was going as it should but was onlt about 2/3 of the way thru when I had to disconnect. Ever since then I have never been able to full update the other 1/3 of my collection. I have tried everything possible in the updating options, updating the album by itself, searching for non updated items etc.

This 1/3 is partially updated but is missing various parts.

Tonight I cleared my all of the music in the WMP libraya and put a CD in, assuming that all of the previos information is wiped. But it remembers the various details of that 1/3 still even though I have removed it from the library. When I rip it loads with 1/2 of the details filled in.

So what I have recently decided to do is to clear the library and to rerip the 1/3 of my collection. But there are still kinda thing holding the old information. I would probably want to delete it once I find out what it is.

So is there any sort of container that holds this information, if so what is it called and where is it located. It's prolly a dll file or something.... hmm

This is ever so frustrating. I absolutely love Winamp it and advertise it where ever I go. I'm currently working on a winamp skin. Winamp rocks I just wanna be able to have my collection all beautifully insync.

Been doing some indepth hunting and I think that I've found it. Man the support is terrible for WMP. Argh.
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