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Yep - sounds like DRM protection/WMP screwup. Basically what that means is that when you rip a CD with Windows Media Player, it encodes DRM-encrypted files which can be *only* played on the computer which encoded them. You can't give them to your friends; you might be unable to play them after reinstalling Windows on the same computer.

You might think that wma is a great format, but believe me, there are much better alternatives. For more information on why not to use WMA, read here.

Anyhow, back to your problem. Seeing as you are re-ripping your CD's again, might I suggest that instead of using WMA, that you download Exact Audio Copy and the LAME encoder, and rip your CD's to -aps mp3s instead. You can share them, they will work on any portable player, and it will eliminate all of the problems associated with WMA....

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