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Winamp iPod support NOT working

I upgraded to winamp 5.23 today, and got rid of ml_ipod to give room to the "official" Winamp iPod support "plugin".

Saddly, it doesn't work well at all. It's completely broken. When I select a few files in a playlist, right-click and hit "Send to > IPOD" (I did not name my iPod), it shows me the "Portables" main window, with all files waiting to be "uploaded". Only problem is that the first track is always "-", and once it's done uploading "-", it won't go to the other enqueued songs.

Sometimes it works when sending a single file, but even that sometimes fails. All the songs on the playlist actually exist on my hard drive (checked them all). It seems that this "-" file appears randomly, and just makes winamp iPod support bug completely.

The worse part is that once this has happened, I cannot even remove the file from the enqueued files list. It just sits here even though I press "Remove Selected". I have to close and restart winamp to get it working again.

I'm not going to upload files one-by-one..I've got like 600 I want to put on the iPod directly. I also don't want to use iTunes.

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