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Re: newbie questions and suggestions

Originally posted by Veej007
thanks for your help in the other thread with configuring my goofy ml_ipod installation.
I would love to know what the problem was... This is so strange.

any chance you'll swipe the "limit to XXX (gb/songs/minutes)" option as implemented in itunes and pmp_ipod?
When should that limit? There is the option for autofill, but what exactly do you want (I don't use the other tools, so I need more explanation)
what happened to the "do not lock media library" option that was in place a while back?
It never worked, the code was dead, so I removed the option from the GUI.
is there a way to windowshade or minimize the "transferring" dialog? as far as i can tell i have to either stop the transfer or leave it up (and on top, no less, since i usually have that option enabled in winamp)
No, but that's a good idea.
is there a way to get it to prioritize the smart playlists and playlists over the general library sync?
Could you explain that a bit more?

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