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Re: Re: newbie questions and suggestions

I would love to know what the problem was... This is so strange.
yeah, it was weird. if you can think of any other way to test it, i'm game. just let me know.

When should that limit? There is the option for autofill, but what exactly do you want (I don't use the other tools, so I need more explanation)
- sync 50 songs from "1960's jazz" smart view
- sync 100 megabytes from "recently played" smart view
- sync one hour of "rated four or five" smart view

right now it only lets you sync the entire smart view, and there is no way to restrict it to a smaller, more "listenable" amount (thereby leaving more room for other playlists/smartlists). it's essentially per-smartview autofill.

last time i asked about implementing this in the media library, the developers said they weren't interested. i guess the smart views are seen as "media sorting" rather than "playlisting."

of course, it becomes a bigger problem once you start trying to use a small portable player with a large library.

Could you explain that a bit more?
i figured it out, actually... turns out my installation had taken a crap and lost the configuration options i had entered a half hour earlier, so it was trying to sync my whole library. problem solved.
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