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Unicode issues in Winamp and/or Bento

After installing 5.5, I've discovered a few issues with Unicode due to some Japanese CDs I have - but I'm not sure if the problems are in Winamp or in Bento.

Upon clicking on the album name in the file info box, it's supposed to search for the text in question. It tries to do this, but something goes wrong and the Unicode string is converted to ANSI:

Image showing the bug (125K)

I can briefly see the correct URL in the location bar before the page loads - after that, it chagnes to a series of question marks.

Additionally, as you can probably tell, the kanji is rendered a little strangely in the edit control used for searching (the Location edit suffers from this issue as well). It seems that it somehow decides to render those characters at double their normal width. Everything else handles these characters quite nicely - notifications, (granted, the File Info box uses a pretty small font, so it's hard to make out, but that's not a bug).

As shown in the next image, searching also has issues with the ideographic space used in Japanese - everything after that character is left out of the search.

Incorrect truncation of search term (125K)

These issues appear on both XP Pro and Vista Ultimate (both 32-bit), using two different computers. Clean install doesn't make a difference, but then again, there aren't any 3rd-party plugins.

Plug-in list attached to post. If you need more info (or maybe even a sample file), please let me know.
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