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Thanks alot Anders for your kind help once again! I always thought checkboxes and radiobuttons where the same just different shaped lol, now I understand the distinction, which i'm happy to utilise hence forward, but just for now i'm sticking to checkboxes untill I get the hang of it more/fully.

I honestly don't get why a state is needed when making a comparisson, and if both checkboxes are unticked then obviously the comparissons all should just return void and unmatched(as code run on every change happening), but what do I know.

Anyway, i'm really glad I know now that I have to utilize that $0 then(i'm on NSIS3 latest), I did saw that before but never thought it was actually needed.

Testing your first example of course works beatifully, what a nice feeling seeing something finally working as intended! Especially after so many failings.

Thank you so much again!
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